Back to 90s when I was a kid there was a serial called SHANTI broadcasted by Doordarshan .Lets take a brief look of the show plot.In this show Every Character has a past and has something hidden, it all gets revealed when Shanti arrives, an aspiring journalist hoping to write the biographies of Kamesh and Raj, a duo famous for their principles (they only approve of a movie when it is appreciated by the servants of the house) and tales of how they started from rags to riches.

Then are shown the family members, Kamesh's eldest son Ramesh is mentally challenged. Younger son Somesh is a failing director struggling over the script which gets rejected even by his own father. His wife Ayesha is the daughter of a film producer whose career was ruined by the duo. His adopted daughter Nidhi was revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Kamesh. Raj's wife took to Ashrams and Sadhus, while his son Nihal returns with an American white friend Michelle, who accidentally revealed that she is his wife. His daughter Maya is drawn to depression by her mother's absence, while his womanizer son Rohan is forced to marry a model Sasha after she threatens to come out to the press.

All this is witnessed by Shanti who too has a shady past, because one of them is her real father, Shanti's mother was a laborer  working during the construction of Shanti Mansion, she got raped by both Kamesh and Raj.

In back90s this path breaking show reflects the social issues like rape,single motherhood,The show inspired all of us. It reflects how a single mother survived in this male dominated society and inspired her daughter to take revenge against these socially and politically powerful persons.

There was a another serial aired on doordarshan SWABHImAN directed by mahesh bhatt.Take a look to show plot Swaabhimaan divulges the story of an attractive woman — Svetlana — who finds herself in a battle where there are no real winners. Insecurity, suspicion and fear threaten to erode her vivacious spirit as she struggles to come to terms with her position — that of a pampered mistress whose tycoon  patron Keshav Malhotra (Naasir Abdulah) dies leaving her to cope with the ugly aftermath of the tragedy: inheritance wars, succession rights, property entanglements, petty quarrels and above all, emotional turmoil that threatens to destroy her. This serial was aired in the year 1995 to 1997.

All the characters in this serial have illicit relationship with someone; eventually it was very difficult to find who is related to whom.

This show also feature the lifestyle of Indian rich community.

Now jump 2012 .Television should reflect a true depiction of the society and socio economical structure. But what we are seeing every Indian tv famly is a rich family(as if there are no poor living in india) ,every Indian girls primary duty is complete her graduation from college fall in love with a rich guy and then got married after that to adjust with his husbands family and how successfully she serves her mother-in-laws order by sacrificing her dreams, her desires, and her private space and her individuality .Now tell me do you really think this characters are practical enough. How many Indian serial is reflecting a story of working woman. Why not any Indian serial makers are concentrating a story of cancer patent and how they survive each and every day with lots of positivity and hope, why there is no story about HIV/AIDS,No story about a single motherhood, a rape victime.Is this not happening in India? why there are lack of inspiring stories. Why there are no stories about sex workers .Don’t they belongs to our society?

Frankly speaking I am disgusted by seeing bullshit in Indian television .Indian television is going to a great depression and also making us depressed.

Ending with a great inspiring story recently watched where the main male protagonist is having a cancer and in spite of being cancer he took part of a 500 kilometer cycle race and successfully completed the race only by his super self confidence and positive energy.

Now this is called inspiration.

Disappointed, disgusted, pissed I realy don’t know in which country we are living .All those drama happened regarding RAILWAY fare  hike is rightly a “Theatre of absurd”.I mean how many days ?how many more days we will see this populish  politics will ruin our country our economy?, is this a country where we want to live rest of our lives. Look at CHINA,MALAYSIA,SINGARORE tremendous economical and infrastructural growth been observed. Look at CHINA .Look at there rail coaches, platforms its like heaven. In a recent interview Former(regret to write former) Railway minister Mr Dinesh Trivedy  said” Indian railways are 50 years behind china railway” I feared will Indian railway be like China in next 100 years ?I guess the answer would be NO as far as this populish politics is concern.


Every politician in this country claim they are the sole proprietor of thinking about the common man or aam admi including Ms Mamata banerjee .What she did she forced govt to sack a qualified rail minister and deployed a puppet rail minister who will dance in her own tune and rolled back almost every proposed fair hike.but when railway was hiked the goods transportation fees ,that time she kept silenced .Did not she knew that increase in goods transportation cost directly liable for food inflation ??The answer is yes.Even in this case every sector of common people would affect. Irrespective of the fact that who travels by train/whose monthly income is below 5000 or 15000 .Every body has to bear the same cost. Then why  she done it ?ok of course otherwise she will lose the chance to do politics over the economy and lost the chance to earn lots of applause.Economy jaye bhar me mujhe keya mujhe to vote chahiye.

 There is no major disappointment among the common people been reported in the last proposed fare hike .This Absurd Theatre could have been avoided ,economy could have been saved, the financial health of Indian railways could have been saved but no we are not that much lucky where we can expect mature politics.

Wel time comes when we need to decide what we want? a growing healthy economy? superb railway coaches? airport like platforms? bullet trains or this dirty overcrowded ugly looking railways .whether we want to grow or want to live rest of our lives as a citizen of third world country?

Our main problem is we forget to ask explanations from politicians. We forget to stand up for our right for what we deserve. Request you to plz ask all your nearest TMC MLA ,MPs Local Leaders to give logical justification of his regressive act. Make them understand that we are not fool, ask them if Mamata banerjee is so worried about poor people then in her own ruled state west Bengal ,why she hiked price of electricity? Why she Is not withdrawing tax from essential medicine so that poor people can afford it? start asking question, start bothering them, stand up for your right, stand up for our country, for our nation.

And the latest news is Islamic organization Darul Uloom Deoband  had appealed to govt not to issue a VISA to Mr Salman Rushdie to enter in india for attending a seminer to JAIPUR.According to the organization RUSDIE should not be allowed to enter in india(Reason is Salman Rushdie wrote novel on  80s called SATANIC VERSES ,Which was created a huge number of controversies across  the globe due to his inappropriate reflection of ISLAM and HAJRAT Muhammad. And the content was offended  the Islamic organizations, as a result the book was banned in so called worlds largest democracy called INDIA.

Now the point is when Election is coming and Minorities are concern how can our Political parties keep themselves away from it so they (BJP,TMC etc) have also joined the chorus with their CROCODILE TEARS. And what surprised me is  writer CHETAN BHAGAT also start moral policing of what to do and what not.

Some question ; 1) Who is Darul Uloom Deoband  and Chetan Bhagat (I doubt if the movie”3 idiots” was not done well in box office ,,how many people would have  known about him)to dictate or even request to Govt what should be done and what not.

2) This is not the first time MR Rushdie is entering in INDIA .He has visited india ¾ times before. Where was Mr Chetan Bhagat,Political parties and this organizations then??

Any kind of religious organization weather it is MUSLIM,HINDU or even CHIRSTIAN should remember before issuing any kind of FATWA of something like that that THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS COUNTRY it is a DEMOCRACY it allows us to practice our individual religion  at the same time people have their own rite not to practice/disagreeing /opposing some religious ideologies. It can be protested/Debated. But Stopping someone to enter in the country  just because he or she disagreed with some religious MITH/BELIEFES is not a true reflection of democracy.

FEAR OF Communal UNRESTOk,This is nothing but a weapon of the govt for banning anything they want.GOVT should remember no communal unrest can happen without strong PROVOCATION .

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Story Line: Bedroom’, the latest offering from the stable of DAG Creative Media, treads the same path and makes an attempt to highlight the complicacies of modern day human relationships. The film also marks the comeback of director Mainak Bhaumik, who had earlier made the critically acclaimed ‘Aamra’ (touted as the first Bengali urban sex-comedy). While the young director does come quite close to delivering the goods this time, the film somehow is just short of the high bar he himself has set.

The movie relates the story of three couples and the emotional trials and tribulations that affect their relationships. First, there is ‘Anando’ (Abir Chatterjee), the upright, workaholic corporate executive and ‘Priyanka’ (Paoli Dam), the bored housewife, who craves for (in vain!) her husband’s attention. The latter, however, is way too busy with his job to ‘waste’ time frolicking with his wife.

Marital relations between the two become increasingly strained over time and things come to a head when ‘Anando’ (the sole bread-earner of the family) loses his job. The reason, you ask? The sudden firing of ‘Anando’ from office is because he had refused to, well, supply girls (!) to his lecherous boss

Next up, we have the aspiring actor ‘Joy’ (Rahul), who is into a live-in relationship with the ambitious fashion photographer ‘Ritika’ (Parno Mittra). While the two are, of course, deeply in love with each other (no live-in relationship can last four years without love, right?), the quintessential male ego of ‘Joy’ is hurt as he watches his partner achieve professional fame and success, while he fails to land even a single acting assignment. ‘Joy’ vents his frustrations on ‘Ritika’, the duo trade verbal volleys and this relationship also seems to be on the verge of a breakdown.

Finally, there is ‘Dev’ (Rudranil Ghosh), the talented and successful Bengali mainstream actor, who is dead against the idea of love and marriage (in that order!). He scoffs at the idea of getting hitched up with someone and makes fun of the plights that his friends ‘Anando’ and ‘Joy’ are facing in their relationships. But, as fate would have it, the cocky and debonair ‘Dev’ finally falls for the charms of journalist ‘Ipshita’ (Ushashie Chakraborty). Both of them are, however, haunted by the fear of rejection, and do not express their true feelings to each other

Matters take an unexpected turn when the frustrated ‘Joy’ starts having a fling with a part-time prostitute, ‘Tanisha’ (Tanushree). ‘Ritika’, on her part, starts having casual sex with one of her fashion models. The mundane daily life of the bored ‘Priyanka’ also goes for a toss when a former crush of hers (with whom she had a 10 day-relationship in college) resurfaces and old flames are reignited. The movie is all about how our main protagonists deal with the problems and challenges that life has thrown at them. Will they come out unscathed (emotionally, that is!)? That is for the audience to find out!

The story is dealing with mordan day relationships and empty male egos. Where in beginning Anondo refuse to supply a call girl for his boss (that is the reason why he lost his job),Joy is basically a jobless but each n every time his male ego got hurt because Ritika earns more than him, Rudronil is successful actor of bengali cinema who sleeps different girls in each nite. At the end of the day all three so called revolutionary characters are come back to squire 1.Anondo finally supplies a call girl and got his job back,Rudronil didn’t able to propose Ipsita because of fear of rejection, And Joy who dint believe in marriage finally got married to Priyanka.

USP:Some witty one liners.

Final feedback: :The story is dealing with complicated urban relationship and male chauvinism may appeal to urban audience. Although it’s a one time watch movie.

The music: Music score by (Rupam Islam and Allan Ao) sounds good.The song” Who am I “ is well implemented according to situation.

The “A” Rating: The Bengali tele films have more sex scenes than this movie, My message to censor board. Dear Censor board ,common grow up.

Anti-SOCIal that’s I called myself .I think that would be a fare justice.Besically the society we belongs is utterly hypocritical. Where still girl childs are murdered cold bloodedly by the most educated and the so called elite society. Where we all gives lamba-cahura dialog about our great Indian  culture but judging people by race,colour,gender,sexuality.Every man wants fair,slim,beautiful wife no matter how bad looking he is.

Each morning when we read about LIBIYA,EGIPT,SYRIA and feeling so dam  proud about our great india democracy .How easily forget that this great democracy has forced TASLIMA NASREEN to leave this contry.Films,television content,advertasing are highly being censored.

People love to do sex,want to talk about sex,love to see porn but ridiculously in a denial mode.  Every body in streets,college,office using abusive languages but Television/Films is not allowed to show the real side.As if this kind of words  does not exist in this world . Every one wearing a MASK.

Unfortunately, by default I am a part of this society. Which this Anti- SOCial don’t desired to be.

Don’t you gyez think this is the time where we should find out the original meaning of INDEPENDENCE and LIBERTY.

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