The AnTI-Social -  
Anti-SOCIal that’s I called myself .I think that would be a fare justice.Besically the society we belongs is utterly hypocritical. Where still girl childs are murdered cold bloodedly by the most educated and the so called elite society. Where we all gives lamba-cahura dialog about our great Indian  culture but judging people by race,colour,gender,sexuality.Every man wants fair,slim,beautiful wife no matter how bad looking he is.

Each morning when we read about LIBIYA,EGIPT,SYRIA and feeling so dam  proud about our great india democracy .How easily forget that this great democracy has forced TASLIMA NASREEN to leave this contry.Films,television content,advertasing are highly being censored.

People love to do sex,want to talk about sex,love to see porn but ridiculously in a denial mode.  Every body in streets,college,office using abusive languages but Television/Films is not allowed to show the real side.As if this kind of words  does not exist in this world . Every one wearing a MASK.

Unfortunately, by default I am a part of this society. Which this Anti- SOCial don’t desired to be.

Don’t you gyez think this is the time where we should find out the original meaning of INDEPENDENCE and LIBERTY.

VICTIM of indian Democracy- TASLIMA NASREEN
VICTIM of iIndial Democracy GANDU the Movie
VICTIM of Indian Demoracy- Censorship in social Media

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