Story Line: Bedroom’, the latest offering from the stable of DAG Creative Media, treads the same path and makes an attempt to highlight the complicacies of modern day human relationships. The film also marks the comeback of director Mainak Bhaumik, who had earlier made the critically acclaimed ‘Aamra’ (touted as the first Bengali urban sex-comedy). While the young director does come quite close to delivering the goods this time, the film somehow is just short of the high bar he himself has set.

The movie relates the story of three couples and the emotional trials and tribulations that affect their relationships. First, there is ‘Anando’ (Abir Chatterjee), the upright, workaholic corporate executive and ‘Priyanka’ (Paoli Dam), the bored housewife, who craves for (in vain!) her husband’s attention. The latter, however, is way too busy with his job to ‘waste’ time frolicking with his wife.

Marital relations between the two become increasingly strained over time and things come to a head when ‘Anando’ (the sole bread-earner of the family) loses his job. The reason, you ask? The sudden firing of ‘Anando’ from office is because he had refused to, well, supply girls (!) to his lecherous boss

Next up, we have the aspiring actor ‘Joy’ (Rahul), who is into a live-in relationship with the ambitious fashion photographer ‘Ritika’ (Parno Mittra). While the two are, of course, deeply in love with each other (no live-in relationship can last four years without love, right?), the quintessential male ego of ‘Joy’ is hurt as he watches his partner achieve professional fame and success, while he fails to land even a single acting assignment. ‘Joy’ vents his frustrations on ‘Ritika’, the duo trade verbal volleys and this relationship also seems to be on the verge of a breakdown.

Finally, there is ‘Dev’ (Rudranil Ghosh), the talented and successful Bengali mainstream actor, who is dead against the idea of love and marriage (in that order!). He scoffs at the idea of getting hitched up with someone and makes fun of the plights that his friends ‘Anando’ and ‘Joy’ are facing in their relationships. But, as fate would have it, the cocky and debonair ‘Dev’ finally falls for the charms of journalist ‘Ipshita’ (Ushashie Chakraborty). Both of them are, however, haunted by the fear of rejection, and do not express their true feelings to each other

Matters take an unexpected turn when the frustrated ‘Joy’ starts having a fling with a part-time prostitute, ‘Tanisha’ (Tanushree). ‘Ritika’, on her part, starts having casual sex with one of her fashion models. The mundane daily life of the bored ‘Priyanka’ also goes for a toss when a former crush of hers (with whom she had a 10 day-relationship in college) resurfaces and old flames are reignited. The movie is all about how our main protagonists deal with the problems and challenges that life has thrown at them. Will they come out unscathed (emotionally, that is!)? That is for the audience to find out!

The story is dealing with mordan day relationships and empty male egos. Where in beginning Anondo refuse to supply a call girl for his boss (that is the reason why he lost his job),Joy is basically a jobless but each n every time his male ego got hurt because Ritika earns more than him, Rudronil is successful actor of bengali cinema who sleeps different girls in each nite. At the end of the day all three so called revolutionary characters are come back to squire 1.Anondo finally supplies a call girl and got his job back,Rudronil didn’t able to propose Ipsita because of fear of rejection, And Joy who dint believe in marriage finally got married to Priyanka.

USP:Some witty one liners.

Final feedback: :The story is dealing with complicated urban relationship and male chauvinism may appeal to urban audience. Although it’s a one time watch movie.

The music: Music score by (Rupam Islam and Allan Ao) sounds good.The song” Who am I “ is well implemented according to situation.

The “A” Rating: The Bengali tele films have more sex scenes than this movie, My message to censor board. Dear Censor board ,common grow up.

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