Back to 90s when I was a kid there was a serial called SHANTI broadcasted by Doordarshan .Lets take a brief look of the show plot.In this show Every Character has a past and has something hidden, it all gets revealed when Shanti arrives, an aspiring journalist hoping to write the biographies of Kamesh and Raj, a duo famous for their principles (they only approve of a movie when it is appreciated by the servants of the house) and tales of how they started from rags to riches.

Then are shown the family members, Kamesh's eldest son Ramesh is mentally challenged. Younger son Somesh is a failing director struggling over the script which gets rejected even by his own father. His wife Ayesha is the daughter of a film producer whose career was ruined by the duo. His adopted daughter Nidhi was revealed to be the illegitimate daughter of Kamesh. Raj's wife took to Ashrams and Sadhus, while his son Nihal returns with an American white friend Michelle, who accidentally revealed that she is his wife. His daughter Maya is drawn to depression by her mother's absence, while his womanizer son Rohan is forced to marry a model Sasha after she threatens to come out to the press.

All this is witnessed by Shanti who too has a shady past, because one of them is her real father, Shanti's mother was a laborer  working during the construction of Shanti Mansion, she got raped by both Kamesh and Raj.

In back90s this path breaking show reflects the social issues like rape,single motherhood,The show inspired all of us. It reflects how a single mother survived in this male dominated society and inspired her daughter to take revenge against these socially and politically powerful persons.

There was a another serial aired on doordarshan SWABHImAN directed by mahesh bhatt.Take a look to show plot Swaabhimaan divulges the story of an attractive woman — Svetlana — who finds herself in a battle where there are no real winners. Insecurity, suspicion and fear threaten to erode her vivacious spirit as she struggles to come to terms with her position — that of a pampered mistress whose tycoon  patron Keshav Malhotra (Naasir Abdulah) dies leaving her to cope with the ugly aftermath of the tragedy: inheritance wars, succession rights, property entanglements, petty quarrels and above all, emotional turmoil that threatens to destroy her. This serial was aired in the year 1995 to 1997.

All the characters in this serial have illicit relationship with someone; eventually it was very difficult to find who is related to whom.

This show also feature the lifestyle of Indian rich community.

Now jump 2012 .Television should reflect a true depiction of the society and socio economical structure. But what we are seeing every Indian tv famly is a rich family(as if there are no poor living in india) ,every Indian girls primary duty is complete her graduation from college fall in love with a rich guy and then got married after that to adjust with his husbands family and how successfully she serves her mother-in-laws order by sacrificing her dreams, her desires, and her private space and her individuality .Now tell me do you really think this characters are practical enough. How many Indian serial is reflecting a story of working woman. Why not any Indian serial makers are concentrating a story of cancer patent and how they survive each and every day with lots of positivity and hope, why there is no story about HIV/AIDS,No story about a single motherhood, a rape victime.Is this not happening in India? why there are lack of inspiring stories. Why there are no stories about sex workers .Don’t they belongs to our society?

Frankly speaking I am disgusted by seeing bullshit in Indian television .Indian television is going to a great depression and also making us depressed.

Ending with a great inspiring story recently watched where the main male protagonist is having a cancer and in spite of being cancer he took part of a 500 kilometer cycle race and successfully completed the race only by his super self confidence and positive energy.

Now this is called inspiration.

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