Disappointed, disgusted, pissed I realy don’t know in which country we are living .All those drama happened regarding RAILWAY fare  hike is rightly a “Theatre of absurd”.I mean how many days ?how many more days we will see this populish  politics will ruin our country our economy?, is this a country where we want to live rest of our lives. Look at CHINA,MALAYSIA,SINGARORE tremendous economical and infrastructural growth been observed. Look at CHINA .Look at there rail coaches, platforms its like heaven. In a recent interview Former(regret to write former) Railway minister Mr Dinesh Trivedy  said” Indian railways are 50 years behind china railway” I feared will Indian railway be like China in next 100 years ?I guess the answer would be NO as far as this populish politics is concern.


Every politician in this country claim they are the sole proprietor of thinking about the common man or aam admi including Ms Mamata banerjee .What she did she forced govt to sack a qualified rail minister and deployed a puppet rail minister who will dance in her own tune and rolled back almost every proposed fair hike.but when railway was hiked the goods transportation fees ,that time she kept silenced .Did not she knew that increase in goods transportation cost directly liable for food inflation ??The answer is yes.Even in this case every sector of common people would affect. Irrespective of the fact that who travels by train/whose monthly income is below 5000 or 15000 .Every body has to bear the same cost. Then why  she done it ?ok of course otherwise she will lose the chance to do politics over the economy and lost the chance to earn lots of applause.Economy jaye bhar me mujhe keya mujhe to vote chahiye.

 There is no major disappointment among the common people been reported in the last proposed fare hike .This Absurd Theatre could have been avoided ,economy could have been saved, the financial health of Indian railways could have been saved but no we are not that much lucky where we can expect mature politics.

Wel time comes when we need to decide what we want? a growing healthy economy? superb railway coaches? airport like platforms? bullet trains or this dirty overcrowded ugly looking railways .whether we want to grow or want to live rest of our lives as a citizen of third world country?

Our main problem is we forget to ask explanations from politicians. We forget to stand up for our right for what we deserve. Request you to plz ask all your nearest TMC MLA ,MPs Local Leaders to give logical justification of his regressive act. Make them understand that we are not fool, ask them if Mamata banerjee is so worried about poor people then in her own ruled state west Bengal ,why she hiked price of electricity? Why she Is not withdrawing tax from essential medicine so that poor people can afford it? start asking question, start bothering them, stand up for your right, stand up for our country, for our nation.

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