And the latest news is Islamic organization Darul Uloom Deoband  had appealed to govt not to issue a VISA to Mr Salman Rushdie to enter in india for attending a seminer to JAIPUR.According to the organization RUSDIE should not be allowed to enter in india(Reason is Salman Rushdie wrote novel on  80s called SATANIC VERSES ,Which was created a huge number of controversies across  the globe due to his inappropriate reflection of ISLAM and HAJRAT Muhammad. And the content was offended  the Islamic organizations, as a result the book was banned in so called worlds largest democracy called INDIA.

Now the point is when Election is coming and Minorities are concern how can our Political parties keep themselves away from it so they (BJP,TMC etc) have also joined the chorus with their CROCODILE TEARS. And what surprised me is  writer CHETAN BHAGAT also start moral policing of what to do and what not.

Some question ; 1) Who is Darul Uloom Deoband  and Chetan Bhagat (I doubt if the movie”3 idiots” was not done well in box office ,,how many people would have  known about him)to dictate or even request to Govt what should be done and what not.

2) This is not the first time MR Rushdie is entering in INDIA .He has visited india ¾ times before. Where was Mr Chetan Bhagat,Political parties and this organizations then??

Any kind of religious organization weather it is MUSLIM,HINDU or even CHIRSTIAN should remember before issuing any kind of FATWA of something like that that THIS IS NOT A RELIGIOUS COUNTRY it is a DEMOCRACY it allows us to practice our individual religion  at the same time people have their own rite not to practice/disagreeing /opposing some religious ideologies. It can be protested/Debated. But Stopping someone to enter in the country  just because he or she disagreed with some religious MITH/BELIEFES is not a true reflection of democracy.

FEAR OF Communal UNRESTOk,This is nothing but a weapon of the govt for banning anything they want.GOVT should remember no communal unrest can happen without strong PROVOCATION .

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